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My Fast Pass website will be dedicated to all those that seek justice and truth.  It will be dedicated to those that appreciate the need to speak out against oppression of our right to freedom of speech.  We shall seek to publish links and content that will help you  become informed of your rights as citizens.


My Fast Pass will always be here to support and protect the citizen from the overzealous self-righteous moral enforcers.

Quoted from  The legal reality for web sites such as Craigslist is that federal law generally immunizes them for the postings of third-parties using the site (e.g., user-generated ads or posts). Specifically, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act provides that: "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as a publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider."  

My Fast Pass former site was a provider of a interactive computer service and as such cannot held liable by third parties actions using the site.

Message to all members of MFP

"They never took the server or the site, I had full access at all times, I was the one that had to take it down, I had to post the notice, no federal warrant was ever served on it, no access was ever logged by anyone unauthorized and so everyone was and is safe as far as their bluff of data base. Through good or bad advice from the lawyer I consented to put on the message written by the county prosecutor "Judy Johnston". My lawyer said they wanted the site up to use it, but my lawyer said "no if you are going to charge Nora with a crime in operation the site, then it will be shut down".  I hoped most would have realized that the blurb was posted by "Tiger", but the overall shock and awe probably stumped a few at the outset.  LE did get plenty of bang for the buck in the scare tactic.   I have still not talked with the police, other than exercise my right for silence and will only talk in  the presence of my attorney.  I think in the long run the exercising my rights,  will be the best moments of silence I will have ever done in my life. I sincerely doubt anyone took their advice and called in. Maybe lawyers called in for them but I highly doubt anyone personally called in.
I just want everyone to know I did my best in the face of Federal threat of Ricco, wire fraud, Mann Act... yikes. I just tried to do what the lawyers told me at the time.     Time will tell and it will all come out in the wash of who said what and when and why. Who supplied the lies that the LE was trying to track down and make mountains out of a mole hill.   In the mean time please be safe and pass this to anyone that you feel would appreciate some peace of mind.  Love you back Nora"